PdfPages Object


PdfPages is a collection of PdfPage objects representing all pages in the document. The PdfPages object is used to retrieve, add and remove pages of the document. The object is obtainable via PdfDocument's Pages property.

Member List


Count As Long (Read-only)
Returns the number of PdfRow objects in this collection.

Item(Index As Long) As PdfPage (Read-only)
This is the default parameterized property returning a PdfPage specified by a 1-based Index.


Function Add(Optional Width, Optional Height, Optional InsertBefore) As PdfPage

Adds a new page to the document. Returns an instance of the PdfPage object representing the newly created page.

Width, Height - optionally specify the width and height (in default user units) of the page. By default, the page size is 612 x 792 which corresponds to 8.5" x 11".

InsertBefore is an optional 1-based index of a page before which the new page will be inserted.

Sub Remove(Index As Long)
Removes a page specified by a 1-based Index.