PdfRows Object


PdfRows is a collection of PdfRow objects. This object is obtainable via PdfTable's Rows property.

Member List


Count As Long (Read-only)
Returns the number of PdfRow objects in this collection.

Item(Index As Long) As PdfRow (Read-only)
This is the default parameterized property returning a PdfRow specified by a 1-based Index.


Function Add(Height As Single, Optional InsertAfter) As PdfRow

Adds a new row to the table. Returns an instance of the PdfRow object representing the newly added row.

Height - specifies the row height.

InsertAfter is an optional 1-based index of a row after which the new row will be inserted. If set to -1 or omitted, the row is appended to the end of the table. If set to 0, the row is added to the beginning of the table.

InsertBefore is an optional 1-based index of a page before which the new page will be inserted.

Sub Remove(Index As Long)
Removes a row specified by the 1-based Index from the table.